The AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe) conference of 2006 was held From September 3rd to 19th of 2006 in Genoa, Italy. The annual AMEE conference is one of the most important gatherings of professionals working in the fields of medical education, healthcare and clinical practice. The conference was attended by more than 1800 representatives from 75 countries not only from Europe but also from Asia, America and the Middle East. During the conference, 7 plenary sessions, 8 symposia, 360 short oral and 490 poster presentations, 48 ​​seminars were held. The paper submitted by Tbilisi State Medical University "Peculiarities of Postgraduate Medical Education and Continuing Medical Education / Development in Georgia" was named among the top 12 abstracts of the conference (authors G. Chakhava *, G. Menabde, M. Kavtaradze, I. Pavlenishvili, N. Kandelaki).

The conference was opened by the AMEE general secretary Prof. Ronald Harden, who made a brief introduction about the conference and medical education in general. Then the Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Genoa, Prof.


Deferer greeted the conference.

Every day after the plenary session, 20 sections were conducted simultaneously in the form of symposiums, seminars, short presentations, meetings and stand-up presentations. It was also possible to meet with experts here. Topics were related to issues such as professionalism of doctors, problem-based training, leadership training, clinical evaluation, UPS / UPG, standardized clinical cases, multimedia performance, distance learning, curriculum evaluation-changes, use of mannequins, simulators, etc.

Representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia (Deputy Minister V. Mosidze and Head of the Regulation Department R. Beriashvili) and the delegation of the Medical Faculty of Tbilisi State University participated in the conference.

There was great interest in our report on “Peculiarities of Postgraduate Medical Education and Continuing Medical Education / Development in Georgia”. The section was led by Gudrun Edgren, Lead Lecturer at Lund University School of Medicine. The delegation of the Ministry of Health of Georgia actively participated in the work of the section.

Representatives of famous universities such as Florence, Cardiff, Lund, Dundee, Stockholm participated in the work of the section.

The €50,000 Award from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm for the best research in medical education went to AMEE Secretary General Ronald Harden this year.

We had important meetings with the President of the World Federation for Medical Education Prof. H. Karle and council member Prof. L. With Christiansen. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Affairs V. Mosidze. In December 2006, under the auspices of WHO and WFME, a seminar was held in Tbilisi dedicated to the introduction of ICTS (International Credit Transfer System) in Basic Medical Education. B. Mosidze on behalf of the Ministry stressed the unprecedented importance of this seminar. On behalf of the University Administration, I offered to hold this event at Tbilisi Medical University with the participation of all the interested sectors.   

During the meeting with the representative of the National Examinations Council S. Lizanta , it was discussed that it is possible to develop mutually beneficial and interesting cooperation between Georgia and UEMS (European Credit Transfer System Regulatory Organization).

I was actively negotiating with the professor at the University of Genoa (representative of the medical faculty and delegate of international relations) K.Peschet and Luca Tasos. It is desirable to implement institutional projects between the above-mentioned medical faculty and TSMU with the help of various international foundations.

A meeting with UEMS Secretary General Bernard Melet took place at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in Tbilisi. The Georgian side was represented by: George Chakhava, Deputy Head of the Foreign Relations Department of Tbilisi State Medical University, Nino Kandelaki, Deputy Head of the Department, V. Mosidze, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, and Rima Beriashvili, Head of the Regulation Department.

Professor Janet Grant's Visit ended on Friday, June 23, 2006.

On June 17-19, 2006, Professor Janet Grant, Director of the Medical Education Center at the Open University of the United Kingdom, visited TSMU.

Professor Janet Grant is the Head of the UK Center for Medical Education, an expert in the implementation of international standards in the World Federation for Medical Education and the World Health Organization. She is also a member of the British Society of Psychologists and an honorary member of the British National Association of Teachers - Clinical Professors. Her doctoral dissertation deals with issues of educational psychology.

Professor Janet Grant has worked in many countries on medical education development assessment issues, while being invited as an expert in various countries around the world. Professor Grant is the founder of the newly established Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Regulatory Board in the UK. She is the chairwoman of the Curriculum Committee, which sets standards and approves programs for postgraduate medical education.

The purpose of the visit of the international expert to Georgia was to share international experience with Georgian specialists on the aspects of curriculum evaluation and the implementation of international standards of the World Federation of Medical Education. The event was organized by: TSMU and Medical Education Center Open University - United Kingdom.

The seminar was attended by TSMU staff and Georgian experts in the field of medical education, who actively participated in the seminar. At the end of the international seminar, a concluding meeting of the Round Table was held with the participation of TSMU Rector, seminar participants and Deputy Ministers of Labor, Health and Social Affairs and Education: Nikoloz Pruidze, Vakhtang Mosidze, Levan Jugheli, Bella Tsipuriashvili, Aril Sama.

At this meeting, Ms. Janet Grant thanked the Acting Rector of the Medical University, Mr. Gia Menabde, and the International Expert Invitation Program Coordinator, Mr. George Chakhava, for inviting her to Georgia. She expressed hope that TSMU staff will continue to work successfully in the future and will contribute to the process of medical education reform in Georgia, taking into account the recommendations of international experts. The participants of the seminar were awarded international certificates in a solemn atmosphere. The final event of the seminar was attended by representatives of the media.

On Wednesday, April 27, 2005, the first business meeting of the founders of the Georgian International Medical Association took place. The meeting was attended by most of the founders of the Association and the Deputy Chairman of the Medical Commission of the Parliament of Georgia Gogita Gegelashvili, Vice Rector of the State Medical Academy Mr. Merab Kavtaradze, President of the Open Medical Club Mr. David Pruidze.

The chairman of the sitting is Giorgi Chakhava

Education Secretary N. Kandelaki.


1. Information on a new direction in the healthcare system "Medical services focused on the needs of society."
2. On the establishment of the non-governmental organization International Association of Physicians "GIMA".

Participated in the debate
Gogita Gegelashvili, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Medical Committee, noted that despite the existence of many non-governmental organizations in Georgia today, given the difficult situation in the medical field, the vision and approach of the newly established International Medical Association "GIMA" to the existing problems is especially relevant. In this regard, he offered the support of GIMA to the Parliamentary Medical Committee
1) Recommendation for cooperation with various international foundations of the Association.
2) Facilitate and develop existing contacts with GIMA’s foreign counterparts.
3) Support the GIMA Initiative of the Progressive Non-Governmental NGO, Open Medical Club, in terms of further development and strengthening of sectoral associations.
Davit Pruidze - "Open Medical Club" welcomed the union of leading professionals-specialists, which will cooperate with "Open Medical Club" in the future. Several projects were designed for specific collaborations.
He expressed hope that together with the Open Medical Club, GIMA will assist the Georgian State Academy in carrying out reforms at a transitional stage, and will strengthen sectoral associations.
Mamuka Bokuchava briefed the participants on the experience of the Association of Vascular Surgeons in terms of the concept of medical specialties, stressed the importance of nostrification of the European Councils of Specialties and hoped that "Jima" will be more effective in this area than other similar NGOs. Mr. Merab Kavtaradze, Vice-Rector of the State Medical Academy, emphasized that some very interesting and topical ideas were formed at the meeting of the founders of "Jima".
It is necessary to reduce the list of specialties according to the European model. In these processes, the State Medical Academy has a very important function, therefore at this stage all the constructive forces are united around the academy.
Levan Nachkebia expressed the opinion that in terms of postgraduate and continuing professional education of doctors, "Jima" has the ability to develop and introduce new methods of medical education and development. For his part, he promised all assistance to JIMA and shared his experience in distance learning in orthopedics and implantology, which has the appropriate support from international European structures.
G. Chakhava, Chairman of the meeting, delivered a concluding speech, thanking the attending public and expressing hope that in the future the Association will be able to fulfill the set tasks together with the Academy.
Chairman G. Chakhava
Session Secretary N. Kandelaki
Letters of support have been received on behalf of the Association, Prof., General Manager of the Civic Research Development Program. From K. Wolf, MASHAV Program Manager Prof. From R. Maimon and the Director of the Turkish Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry Prof. From T. Dalkara, Head of the Rheumatology Clinic of Tel Aviv University, Prof. From D. Kaspi. The letters are placed in the English version of the same site. Our compatriots Prof. joined the association. I. Sulakvelidze (pain specialist and anesthesiologist, Seattle, USA) and B.M.K. T. Chelidze. Switzerland (Neurophysiologist from the Zurich Neurology Clinic, Prof. Hess, Head of the Clinic).
Association of Physicians "Jima" are scheduled to meet with representatives of the medical community, the press and television. The already planned projects and the prospects of their implementation will be discussed at the meeting.

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