With the support of IATP the Network: GIMA has launched an Internet portal that aims to provide an inventory of organizations and projects relevant to the broad objecti

ve of the GIMA. GAMS will serve as an Internet Portal for Georgian NGOs. We encourage you to look at our site and to send us information about your organization, projects, events, etc. there. We plan to develop Internet-based medical education projects.

Depending on the feasibility, our Site- GAMS has been created primarily to promote the development of GEORGIAN on-line information services. Another area of interest is developing transnational educational programs to the region through Internet-supported distance learning.

In the early years of our implementation we consider the support of a group of like-minded health professionals and educators extremely important. In our part of the world, as in many parts, these approaches were still very new and radical. It was therefore important for us to hear what others have been doing, mix with people who were enthusiastic about it and get confirmation for our new direction.

Finally, a particular initiative creating of GIMA, which is currently underway, remains a powerful attraction for us. It will serve as “Medical Information Center”. As part of this process a number of conferences/workshops for Georgian NGOs and selected partner organizations are planned in the future. Workshops will provide possibilities to exchange knowledge and experiences and also to discuss methodological issues and stimulate new ideas 


                                     Letter of appeal 

Dear friends and colleagues!

Georgia is currently undergoing a new political and economic transformation perhaps the most critical one in its history. This is difficult, even painful transformation, which is being closely watched by all Georgians and friends of Georgia abroad.

We are currently seeking additional funding support. This is very critical to our success and we need the help. We wish to thank in advance all educational, medical, research and government institutions for their willingness to contribute to GAMS-s courageous and forward- thinking activities.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

George Chakhava, MD. Ph.D.


Dear Colleagues,


I gladly inform you that in Spring 2006 our organization- GIMA has been transformed into GAMS-Georgian Association of Medical Specialties.


Moreover, in November, 2006, after long-term negotiations GAMS became the member of  the Union of European Medical Specialists UEMS www.uems.net.


This notable fact surely will be excellent premises for future endeavors for entire Georgian medical society. During the UEMS council meeting in Budapest, November 2006 GAMS has been unanimously accepted as associative member of UEMS.


 George Chakhava MD Ph.D

President of GAMS



Dear website visitors, colleagues and friends,

We warmly welcome you to GAMS`s website which was recently redesigned to better reflect the growth and expansion of GAMS `s activities. The renovated website includes information on all past and ongoing activities carried out by GAMS and the future plans and strategies of our organization. We also offer full text documents produced by our members such as publications, articles and occasional papers.

We hope that this website will help you acquire a better understanding of CME and CPD processes undergoing in Georgia and the world.

GAMS attempts to improve Georgia’s medical society climate through conducting various activities, including research and training programs that will ultimately contribute to upgrade and development of professionalism in  Medical Society of Georgia, promote efficient health care system, and spread values common to all mankind.

Yours sincerely

GAMS Board