Mission Statement

Improving outcomes through education”

GAMS is a voluntary, non-governmental, politically independent non-profit association comprising independent practitioners,  professional associations and societies acting in the sphere of medicine, the members of which participate in development of medical branches and health care  as a Whole.

We believe in -working together to use our skills, resources and knowledge to develop local and global strategies to improve the health.
Our methods include –

  • Improving communication between all like-minded people
  • Getting for Georgian physicians  the latest  relevant worldwide research information,
  • Developing tools for advocacy,
  • Developing tools for teaching,
  • Meeting together at conferences,
  • Maximizing our individual and – group effectiveness.

We work with – national health care organizations, governments, economists, sociologists, lawyers and others with the same interests and aspirations.
We seek

  • collaboration with Georgian Government , NGOs  and other interested parties to establish  Registry of  Physicians/Nurses  in Georgia,improve  education of health personnel and operation of health services in order to improve the health of the community.

The benefits of joining us – means that we can work together in making us all a more powerful voice and force for change. You have access to people, strategies and concepts via the internet to promote your ideas, meet people with similar aspirations and contribute at conferences held in various places throughout Europe. 
What does it cost and where does your money go? Annual membership presently costs 40 Euros and goes to supporting a website with detailed information about the organizations activities and membership, and the development of advocacy and teaching materials. But essentially costs are kept to minimum by involving all the membership in developing the association. You, your, knowledge, your actions are the association’s main resource


Reforms in Health Care System are unrealistic without reorganization in Medical Education. Changes even the small ones require patience, consultation, appropriate timing and wisdom. In the modern competitive world it is necessary for us to prepare well-educated, purposeful, competitive health professionals; It will greatly help to promote progress and prosperity of the country.


  • Establishment of Registry of  Physicians/Nurses  in Georgia
  • Promote the rules of medical ethics and assure compliance with these rules
  • Represent and protect the vocational interests of our members
  • Represent medical society before the public administration agencies and other organizations
  • Analyze, issue opinions and propose new development directions for healthcare system
  • Further development of medical education curriculum
  • Development of information technologies and their active use in teaching and learning process
  • Increased mobility of Georgian physicians and academic staff
  • Introducing Master and Doctorate courses
  • Elaboration of joint projects with foreign partners
  • Improvement of Assessment System ( for e.g. OSCE)
  • Preparing PME students for lifelong learning. Every PME student should be engaged in CME lifelong study process. Cooperation with all European and World Organizations engaged in Postgraduate Medical Education and Continuous Professional Development to ensure highest level of professional autonomy/self regulation of Medical Specialties.

In accordance with the guidelines of leading and recognized Institutions for Medical Education in the World- AMEE, WFME and UEMS, we support:

  • Implementation of new, innovated curriculum.
  • Integration of the fundamental biomedicine and clinical subjects;
  • Development of research based clinical methods;
  • CME and CPD


To persistently update medical knowledge and skills of our physicians by: 
1.Offering FREE access and FREE dissemination of available medical information Online, create Global Case Library with the possibilities of providing the second opinion, Training and Teaching Courses, Video-conferences, Symposia, within the CME (in cooperation with National Medical Societies), translation newest information in Georgian, etc.
2. Establishment of long-term contacts with educational and treating centers in Europe
3. Hosting international conferences. 
4. Assisting in consulting and treating of foreign patients in the region. 
5. Providing opportunity for Georgian citizens to get treatment abroad. 
6. Assisting in developing of research activities especially in epidemiology.
8. Present a positive picture of Georgia to the World.

The program is extensive and may sound unrealistic; however, the key component is to share the workload and focus where there is interest. For this I look to all of you for help and suggestions. 
Please, feel free to make suggestion about the web site, and I would also ask all of you to monitor this web site. 

Best regards,

Nino Kandelaki –Secretary General 
George Chakhava-President