Rules and Regulations of
(Georgian Association for Medical Specialties) GAMS 2005

Article 1. General regulations

Georgian Association for Medical Specialties “GAMS”, hereafter as “Association” is founded in accordance with Georgian civil code.
The association performs its activities on the bases of the above mentioned Code, existing Georgian laws and its own rules and regulations.
1.1. The name of the Association is: Physicians International Association “GAMS”.
1.2. The organization represents from the moment of its registration non-government, non-commercial legal entity, which has its own independent balance, separate prosperity, currency and transactions accounts in Georgian and foreign Banking institutions.
1.3. The Association can protect and represent the legal interests of its members in government institutions, legal institutions and public organizations.
1.4. The Association can establish its branches, representations, departments, (industry accounts) organizations, as in Georgian so abroad according to the existing laws.
1.5. The Association is capable to make agreements, acquire property and non-property rights, take obligations, in the Court.
1.6. The Association has in the seal with its name and emblem, all necessary garments.
1.7. The association is responsible for its obligations within the frame of its property.
1.8. The association is established for indefinite period.
1.9. The association performs its activities in Georgia and other countries as well.
1.10. The Association is located: Tbilisi, Kostava str. 16/56

Article 2. The Goals and objectives of the associations activity.

The goals of the Association is the development of medicine in Georgia, the establishment of international standards in medical field  and disease prevention in Georgia, the encouragement of the professional level growth, scientific-research data exchange and establishment of business, professional contacts with the foreign countries, government and non-government, professional and other medical organization, to facilitate the implementation of health care reforms, for that the association is performing the following activities.
1. Participation in the development of Government Health Care programs development, and cooperates with the similar organizations and association abroad for this purpose.
2. With the assistance of international (world, Europe) and regional profile organizations, provides trainings for the specialists and multi center mutual research work in the foreign profile institutions.
3. Arrangement of the medical conferences and seminars, provides the publication and distribution of the materials and data from the medical conferences and seminars and current medical scientific and research works in Georgia.
4. Provides the exchange of the information with the leading foreign medical education and scientific – research institutions, centers, central and regional structures of the World Health Organizations.
5. To facilitate the training programs and physicians post graduate education. To realize the established goals association will choose the forms of activities that are in accordance with law and will cooperate with all physical aid legal entities, whose activities are not contradictory to the ideals of the association and Georgian laws.

Article 4. Membership in the association

4.1. The members of the Association could be physical and legal entities as well.
The membership in the association is voluntary.
4.2. Any citizen of Georgia or foreign country could become member of the Association if she shares the goals of the association and accepts its rules and regulations.
It is not possible to transfer membership to the other person or to receive it as a legacy.
4.3. The board of the Association makes the decisions related to the membership issues.
4.4. Member of the Association has right to:
– To participate in the activities of the Association and be elected in its ruling organs.
– To benefit from priority right by participation in the programs of the Association.
– To receive assistance – material organizational and in other form – from the Association, and use its international contacts and communication channels;
– To be the member of any other public organization at the same time;
4.5. The members of the Association are obliged:
– To participate in the activities of the Association, express initiative, facilitate successful realization of the goals of the Association;
– To popularize goals and objectives of the Association;
– To pay entering and annual membership fees;
4.6. The collective members of the Association can be organizations and institutions, of any forms and amounts of property, also Georgian and foreign organizations, unions, funds, which follow the rules and principles declared by the Association and pay the entrance and membership fees.
Legal entities enter the Association membership according to their rules and regulations.
4.7. The member of the Association which doesn’t participate in its activities and doesn’t pay membership fees or will disclose confidential information is excluded from the Association.
4.8. The members of the Association are not responsible for the obligations of the Association, and the Association is not responsible for the obligations of its members.

Article 5. The structure of  the Association

5.1. The highest unit of the Association is the general members council which takes place annually by its board. The unplanned council may by called for by 1/10 members initiative with the indication of its schedule and purpose.
5.2. The members of the Association are informed about the council meeting two weeks earlier in written form or by putting this information in the Association printing facilities.
5.3. The council meeting is legitimate if it is attended by the majority of its members. The decisions are made by voting.
5.4. General meeting is competent:
– To make decisions about main directions of the Associations activities;
– To make amendments and charges in the rules and regulations of the Association.
– To elect its board;
– To listen to the board and confirm its decisions;
– To make decisions about the dissolution or reorganization of the Association;
5.5. Between the council meeting periods the main ruling unit of the Association is its board.
5.6. Board meetings are held at least once every three months. The not planned meetings could be held by the initiative of the board head or 1/3 part of its members.
5.7. Board is responsible to manage the association.
5.8. Board meeting can make the decision by its 2/3 members meeting by voting.
5.9. The disputes between the board members concerning the interpretation and realization of the rules and regulations of the association could be solved by mutual agreement or if not by applying to the court.
5.10. The board elects it head.
5.11. The board is competent:
– To define the strategic activities of the association;
– To provide realization of the decision taken by the general council meeting,
– To define the rules about the membership fees and its amount;
– To define the amount and legal status of the donors which want to become members of the association.
– To make decisions on current issues which may arise in the periods between the meetings and are not in the special competence of the meeting.
5.12. The board of the association consists of 5 members and is elected for 3 years period.
The members of the association Board are:
George Chakhava
Nino Kandelaki
David Zurabishvili
Sergo Tabagari
Irakli Dvali
5.13. The current activities of the association are performed by it head, who represents the association relating to the physical or legal entities, in Georgia and abroad.
5.14. The head of Board:
– makes agreements;
– gives permissions;
– conducts negotiations;
– opens and closes accounts in banking institutions;
– manages the property and financial resources of the association, in agreement with its board.
– signs financial and other documents.

Article 6. The property of the association and the Source of income

 6.1. There can be any kind of property owned by the association.
6.2. To realize its goals the association can receive the assistance from donor organizations. Through equipment, furniture, study materials, technical cooperation’s and other.
6.3. Association financial recourses are created by membership fees and donations, by the fees from the seminars and educative programs participants and by industrial activity gained income in accordance with the low.
6.4. The incomes made by the Association should be used for the realization of goals and it is not allowed to distribute them to its members.

Article 7. The industrial activities of the association

7.1. The association has right to perform supporting industrial activities.
7.2. The association has right to establish the industries in accordance with existing low.
7.3. The industry year of the association starts on 1 st of January and is finished an 31 of December, except the first year which starts on the date of its registration and ends on 31 st of December.

Article 8. The dissolution and reorganization of the association.

8.1. The termination of the activities of the association happens by its dissolution or by its reorganization.
8.2. The dissolution of the association happens in the following cases:
– bankruptcy or registration termination;
– if the association has shifted mainly to the industrious activities;
– by the decision of the General council meeting.
8.3. Dissolution happens by the board but if there is any dispute between the board members concerning dissolution issues, the dissolution is performed by the representatives appointed by the Court in accordance with the existing laws.
8.4. In case of the dissolution of the association the current activities should be concluded, creditors must be satisfied, the rest of property can be transferred by the decision of the Court:
– To the association with the similar goals.
– To charity organization;
– To the State.
8.5. The dissolution of the association and the termination of its activities can be considered completed from the moment when the registration entity takes the decision about the excluding the association from the State register lists.