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GAMS foundation history.

Georgian Association of Medical Specialties “GAMS” is the non-governmental, nonprofit organization of doctors, which aims to consolidate Georgian doctors and help them to integrate into the international society. GAMS help doctors inside and outside Georgia to receive high quality continuous medical education and implement best evidence based medical practice.

Georgian Association of Medical Specialties GAMS became an UEMS associate member in November 2006, and became an institutional member of the European Medical Association and the European CME Forum in the spring of 2010.

As a result of the current events in recent years, many Georgian doctors have traveled abroad for education. Some of them stayed to work in foreign universities and medical institutions. Most dream of returning to their country. One of our goals is to promote working conditions and dignity for Georgian doctors in their homeland. The first priority of the government of the country and each citizen of Georgia, is integration into the European Community, which is a very multifaceted, difficult, time-consuming process, which requires the greatest effort and daily targeted activities of each economic or social sphere of the country.

Latest plans:

  • Implementation of modern standards in the field of continuing medical education in Georgia.
  • Joining various International Medical Associations.
  • Inviting leading foreign colleagues, promoting postgraduate and continuing professional training.
  • Organization of seminars and conferences, organization of free medical care for patients by invited specialists, surgical operations, consultations, etc.
  • Telemedicine, second opinion, distance learning, arranging medical exhibitions.

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Goals of the Association "Education for a Better Future"

GAMS is a voluntary, non-governmental, politically independent organization composed of professional organizations and societies operating in the field of medicine. The members of the association participate in the development of various fields of public health and medicine.

Our belief is to work together to develop local and global strategies using our skills, resources and knowledge, to improve the healthcare system


Our approaches are:

  • Improving communication between peers

  • Providing the latest scientific information to Georgian doctors from around the world

  • Advocacy

  • Development of teaching aids

  • Participate in conferences

We are looking for

  • Collaboration with Georgian and foreign governmental and non-governmental medical organizations to increase the training of health professionals and the operational level of health services.

  • Cooperation with all European and world organizations involved in postgraduate medical education and continuing professional development projects to ensure a high level of autonomy and self-regulation of medical specialties.

By working together, we can become a more effective driving force to implement progressive changes. Main resources of association are our members, their knowledge and activity.

Our Vision: Reforms in the healthcare system are unrealistic without a reorganization of the medical education system. Changes, even small ones, require patience, consultation, appropriate time and prudence.

In today's highly competitive environment

it is important to train educated, purposeful, and competitive healthcare professionals.

All this will significantly contribute to the development and prosperity of the country.

Our challenges:

  1. Development of postgraduate medical education curricula, establishment of a new innovative curriculum.

  2. Active use of Information technologies in the learning process.

  3. Promoting the mobility of Georgian doctors and academic staff.

  4. Development of master's and doctoral programs with integration of fundamental biomedical and clinical topics.

  5. Development of research-based clinical methods, conducting research, especially in epidemiology.

  6. Development of joint projects with foreign partners.

  7. Improving the evaluation system.

  8. Continuous improvement of postgraduate medical education and involvement of each specialist in continuing medical education / professional development programs.


Constantly update the knowledge and skills of physicians through the following means

  1. Free access to and distribution of medical information online, creation of a global database of medical cases with opportunity to alternative medical advice/opinion, training and preparation courses, video conferences, symposiums (in cooperation with national medical academies and medical societies), translation of the latest information into Georgian language.

  2. Establishing long-term relations with European medical and educational centers

  3. Hosting international conferences

  4. Promoting mobility / treatment of foreign and Georgian patients.

The purpose of the GAMS together with governmental institutions is to train physicians with appropriate level of professional competence / to implement and promote best medical practices through the improvement of the health care system, which will have the following characteristics:

Adequacy - the system should correspond to the country population’s health and labor market requirements, should be independent of the conjuncture and the departmental interests of the institutional units that make up the system;

Dynamics - the system should be adapted to:

 Advancement of medical science and practice;

 Changing conditions of the medical services;

 the changing demands of society.

Sustainability - the system should be planned on a scientific basis and should be provided with adequate, stable funding.

Unity - any component of the system must comply with the basic (required minimum) standards recognized in the country and the existing regulatory environment

Developability - The system should have levers that will enable the steady increase in the quality of operation of the entire system and its individual components and the gradual raising of basic standards.

The program is quite large-scale and may sound unrealistic, but the cornerstone is the right distribution of labor and focus on interest of main issues, for all this we need your help and advice.

The association will be happy if you will have constructive suggestions and monitor the site content.

Best regards, Board of Association


GAMS concept

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Georgian delegation (George Chakhava Ambassador of Georgia

Georgian delegation (George Chakhava Ambassador of Georgia, Chair of Plenary Session, Miranda Demuria Secretary of Neurology Section , Mikheil Sandler, Nani Burduli , Temuri Margania GAMS and speakers of GAMS Marina Janelidze and Nana Kvirkvelia participated in the World Congress Controversions in Neurology that was held in London UK 21-24.03.2024-wonderful and scientifically very important meetings with leading specialists of the world, great discussions in friendly atmosphere

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